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Coupons for the New Mom are

a great gift for your BFF or Baby Mama!

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Coupons for the New Mom – from your Sweetie are a thoughtful and fun way for a partner to demonstrate their sense of humor and support to their Baby Mama. With coupons like “1 Free Cry (No questions asked)," “1 Free Poop Explosion Diaper Change,” and "1 Free Cuss Out" this gift will be a great way for couples to laugh together and also prepare for the hurricane that is about to hit their lives.

15 coupons total.

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Babies are not allowed to enter this world without presents being showered upon them and/or their mother. It’s a law. People are tired of the boring onesie options and are looking for something unique and meaningful to give all the moms-to-be in their lives.

Coupons for the New Mama – from your BFF are just the gift baby shower attendees have been looking for. They are light, funny and sarcastic in tone, but ultimately these coupons are a really useful gift for a new mom. With coupons such as “1 Free Late Night Freak Out” and “1 Free Food Delivery from Favorite Restaurant” the recipient of this gift knows that she has a friend she can count on when things get tough. Can onesies provide that level of reassurance? No, they cannot.

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