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A year ago my nonprofit, Throwing Starfish Foundation (, started raising money for Butte County Camp Fire survivors. I sent a text to my friend Sarah asking if we should try to use the nonprofit to help some folks. It's funny that at the time I said we would be collecting donations for two weeks. A year later and we are still doing work with survivors. . We've distributed over $150,000 in goods and funds to hundreds of Camp Fire families over the last year. I'm so grateful for the people who trusted us from the very beginning. With their initial support Sarah and I were able to do some great work in the months following the fires, and with that work under our belt we were able to get grants to do even bigger things. . We've met families at so many different points in their journey. Some were living in broken down trailers, some had moved to new homes, some were separated from their families, some had relocated out of the area. All were taking life day by day after everything they knew was wiped away. I've admired their strength on all the days, even the ones where they might not have felt particularly strong. Rebuilding is not something many people have to face in life, and I hope that survivors are gentle with themselves when the pieces don't always fit back together the way they'd hoped. . I've also been lucky to meet so many amazing helpers along the way this year. They have inspired me with their hearts and drive to show up again and again and again for strangers who need a little help. . A lot of success in my life has come from following little paths that turn into full blown roads. From saying yes when I wasn't totally sure of the destination, but I was sure the direction felt right. I never thought raising a little money for fire victims would lead me to all the places and people it has this year, but I'm forever grateful for the journey, and for all the opportunities on the horizon that never would have been there without following this little path. . Go where there are positive things being planted, bring the tools you have to offer, and watch as beautiful things come into bloom.

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Dawn is a mom, writer, and designer from Sacramento, CA.

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