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Writing books and sending them out into the world is such a fun way to connect with people. I love that my little pile of words has reached so many moms at exactly the time they really need to feel connected. I love this photo so much, and her words are the best review ever. #Repost @mikaelacjudd ・・・ A book may not seem like a new mom necessity. It is.

Because laughter is essential. It’s better for moments of sleep deprivation craziness than anything.

Except of course sleep…which is laughable in its own right.

Because no matter how ‘okay’ you tell the world you are, the truth is every mom is a rage of sleep-deprived hormones that occasionally erupts in bouts of crying, massive chocolate consumption, and the desire to punch anyone (your partner *cough cough*) who sleeps through 2 AM feeding sessions.

Since babies have a no-return policy, the best remedy for said hormones is laughter. And The Sh!t No One Tells You, will deliver it in spades.

Read it now, if you want a laugh. Except Chapter 2. Don’t read Chapter 2 until you’ve had a baby.

Or save it to read while feeding in the middle of the night. Or read it now (except Chapter 2) and feeding in the middle of the night.

Just be careful you don’t laugh so hard your baby falls off your nipple. Which might happen occasionally whether you’re laughing or not. So keep some extra towels handy. Because breastfeeding can be messy.

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