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A tale of survival

I had an MRI tonight for my cochlear implant evaluation (that’s not me in the picture). They put me inside that tube, up to about my waist. With that head mask thing over me. . Right before I went into the MRI an announcement came over the intercom announcing a “Code Gray” which required “security personnel immediately.” I looked up Code Gray and saw that it meant there was a combative person in the hospital. I didn’t get to investigate further because the nurse called me back to put me into a tube. . Look. I’ve seen enough Grey’s Anatomy to know that people are ALWAYS shooting up hospitals. So there I am, trapped in the tube, knowing full well I’m too deaf to hear if a gunman is out in the tech area shooting people. I started to get a little antsy, the walls that were already touching my arms felt like they were getting even closer. But I talked myself down by convincing myself that the big ass MRI machine was probably bulletproof. I bet Meredith Grey will hide in one during the next active shooter in their hospital next week. . Because it worked. I survived.

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Dawn is a mom, writer, and designer from Sacramento, CA.

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