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The Shit No One Tells You About Divorce

A Guide to Breaking Up, Falling Apart, and Putting Yourself Back Together



Divorce is a sh!tstorm. This book is your life raft.
After 12 years together, 2 children, 10 pets, and 5 properties, Dawn and her partner decided to call it quits.  In the newest installment of her bestselling Sh!t No One Tells You series, Dawn tries to figure out what happened… and what happens next.


Dawn takes you on her own bumpy, meandering, and often absurd journey through the destruction of a life exploded by divorce. She dodges legal hurdles, irrational decisions, alarmed therapists, random hobbies, and a concerning number of dating app profiles that look like the beginning of a true crime podcast. But somehow, she found herself stronger—and happier—on the other side.


Leaning into the mess, Dawn helps you learn the art of embracing Netflix and cry, the healing power of profanity, the importance of assembling the right support squad, how to survive the sh!tshow of co-parenting, and much more. Joined by an insightful chorus of divorced friends,  Dawn delivers a true-to-life and funnier-than-it-should-be guide to discovering the unexpected value in the wreckage.  What if divorce isn’t just a loss—but an opportunity?




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The Shit No One Tells You About Pregnancy

A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond




The fourth title in Dawn Dais's popular parenting series, The Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy is quite possibly the funniest, and most heartfelt, yet. After all, pregnancy is not all about scanning Pinterest for baby shower themes and registering for ironic onesies, and sometimes the less flattering aspects of gestation have a way of dimming a bit of that so-called pregnancy glow.

Not to worry! Dawn is here, ready to shepherd you through the experience of one human body taking on the task of growing another human body. (Spoiler alert: It ain't always pretty.)

Dawn covers it all, sharing expert lists, tips, warnings, and even a series of Parent-Training Workouts designed to increase readers' tolerance to the various indignities of parenthood, like peeing with an audience and surviving an afternoon in Chuck E. Cheese.

The Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy is a must-have guide for expectant moms (and their partners!) who are looking for some counsel, comedy, and camaraderie during their ultimate countdown to parenthood.




The Sh!t No One Tells You

A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year


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"Humorous revelations offer insight into a natural process that can and often does completely overwhelm the mother. . . An amusing and accurate examination of life with an infant.”
—Kirkus Reviews


“Pregnant women who want an honest peek inside what’s to come will be convinced to nap while they still can, and moms with kids will laugh out loud at Dais’s quirky insights and strong opinions.”
—Parents Magazine


Dais and her team of MOFLs (moms on the front lines) guide parents (moms, especially) through the first 52 weeks of your child’s life with honesty, clarity, humor, complaints and encouragement on a myriad of important subjects from breastfeeding, endless crying and vaccinating to relationship problems, loss of freedom and inaccurate Facebook statuses (“OMG, I love my life!”).

—Kirsten Ott Palladino,

"The Sh!t No One Tells You took me right back to those first weeks of new motherhood—truly the most empowering and frustrating (and frightening!) of times. With heartfelt encouragement and insight, Dawn Dais is a must-read for first-time moms."

—Rebecca Woolf, author of Rockabye: From Wild to Child


The Shit No One Tells You About Baby #2:

A Guide to Surviving Your Growing Family


Indiebound  /  Barnes and Noble

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Around the time your first baby turns a year old your brain will turn on you. For some unknown reason, the struggles you dealt with when bringing home your first baby will start to fade away in your memory and will be replaced with images of your growing child who is sleeping well and becoming more independent by the day.


And then out of nowhere, your brain, because it has officially lost all regard for your well-being, will start triggering thoughts of a second baby. And for the first time since becoming a parent these thoughts don’t make you break out in hives.


Before you know it, you are dressing your first child in “I’m Going to be a Big Sister!” t-shirts and imagining future family dinners with all of your children and grandchildren gathered around eating, drinking and being merry. This will be fantastic! But then that familiar morning sickness kicks in. Your adorable 18 month-old transforms into a two-year-old terror. And those hives start to return.


The Sh!t No One Tells You About Surviving Baby #2, the third book in Dawn Dais's popular Sh!t No One Tells You series, covers all a parent needs to know to once the reality of having two young children settles in.


With Dawn's trademark witty chapter topics such as "This is the Perfect Time to Become a Hermit," "Having a Lot of Kids Looks a Lot Easier on TV Because on TV they are never actually around" and "You Have Officially Lost Control of the Situation," this relatable, helpful guide will keep parents smiling—or grinning and bearing it—through raising a second child.



The Sh!t No One Tells You About Toddlers

A Guide to Surviving the Toddler Years


Indiebound  /  Barnes and Noble

Amazon  /  BAM Google Play


"Frank and funny in her approach (the first chapter is entitled “You Suck at This”), she also deals soberly with such weighty matters as balancing work and family, reconciling parenting styles, and keeping marriages and partnerships together...Dais offers a commonsense yet comical view of the toddler years, which she wryly sums up as a “confusing cluster-f of a time.
—Publishers Weekly



**4.5/5 Stars**

"Part how-to, part support group and self-help, and part humor, The Sh!t No One Tells You About Toddlers captures the frustrating, inane, chaotic, senseless, and joyfulness that comes with parenting. Called the “handbook for parents on the edge,” reading this book feels very much like bonding with other mom friends, both of you seeking answers, wanting to do better, and oh yeah, please pass more wine. Readers should come away feeling like “it’s going to be all right, we’re all in this together.” Dais is an encouraging, supportive, and hilarious author, sitting in the same boat with her also very sleep-deprived readers."

—SF Book Review,


“It's a perfect gift for expecting parents who have a good sense of humor and appreciate a frank, candid look at the ugly-yet-wonderful side of parenting.”
—Motherhood Moment


“Not only does it comfort me by informing me that my toddlers' alien behaviors are common and that I'm not alone, it provides a lot of comic relief, and it also provides a lot of great tips on how to address common challenges that many parents of toddlers face.”

—Hawaii Mom Blog


“It’s a fun read that should help struggling mothers feel a lot less alone.”

—Games Fiends


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