The Only Girl

December 15, 2017

 "I'm the only girl in my Parkour class." Vivian reported. She wasn't upset, she was just stating a fact.

I think Parkour is French for "parents pay money for children to run around and climb on things." I signed the boy child up, because he enjoys running around and also climbing on things.

Vivian went to the class a couple of times and constantly begged me to sign her up too. So I did.

She's a shy girl, and has expressed an overall disinterest in organized sports, much to my dismay. I was a tomboy growing up and I loved what sports provided me in the way of confidence and tribe.

Another added bonus of being athletic was that I always fit in with the boys I grew up with. Our block was full of boys and I could throw as well or better than most of them. I could talk and play sports. I had no problem getting a little muddy. They always knocked on my door to come out and play.

As I grew up those early interactions with boys made me comfortable around the opposite sex. As an adult I've never had a problem being the only girl in the room. Professionally it's happened more than a few times. Sometimes it's been intimidating, but I've never let it scare me away from the room. I've never let it keep me quiet.

Those neighborhood boys taught me a long time ago that there is a place for me wherever I want to be.

Vivian is not a tomboy, in any way. But she can still hang with the boys. And the boys have learned how to act if they want to hang with her.

She's 6 years old and very shy. But she wanted to do Parkour, so she did.

I hope more girls sign up for Vivian's Parkour class. But I'm glad that she'll be just fine even if they don't.

#mightygirl #mightyboytoo 

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